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Miracle Makers Productions provides a vast range of full-production services, from concept to distribution.

 Production Consulting Services 

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Full-Service, Production Company Partnership

Now you've got our full attention! This is truly where we thrive. MMP will partner with you, from concept to distribution. We will meet you wherever you may be in your development process. Whether you have an idea you JUST have to tell the world, or you're knee-deep in budgets, tracking cast deal memos, returning agent's calls, or trying to remember where you put that post-it with the number for the guy about the place - we've got you covered! Erin and Gretel will guide you through the process personally, while providing direct support every step of the way. From turning your idea into a script, to finalizing distribution deals, Miracle Makers Productions is the essential resource to getting your film made on time, and at your ideal budget.

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On-Set Line Producing

Our team of professionals will provide on-set daily line production services; from managing all cast and crew needs and paperwork, to ensuring the smooth flow of energy behind-the-scenes to enable your production to run effectively, and at optimal time & cost efficiency.

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Concept, Script Development

Wherever you are in the journey of your story, we have a seasoned and professional writing team ready to assist in your individual script needs.

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Casting, Production Crew-Ups

We have developed a reliable relationship with our SAG representatives, and we are ready to assist you with all your casting needs! From scoring name talent on a modest budget, to breakdown postings and the audition process, we're here to strategize the ultimate talent line-up for your project. We will craft dynamic casting short lists, tailored ideally to your characters. Need to fill an auditorium with background extras? We have creative and budget-savy solutions to get you there. Oh, and we have THEE most amazing set crew at-the-ready if you may need them, just ask! 


We've shot in some incredible locations world-wide, and we're ready to walk you through the process from start to finish! From a source photo, to direct access to option lists crafted specifically for you, through the entire insurance and permitting process- we've got you!

Insurance, Locations, & Permits

Budgets Contracts Deal Memos Legal Indie Independent Filmmaking Film Support Assistance Help Miracle Makers Productions Consulting Services

Budgets, Contracts, Deal Memos, & Legal

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork. There's just so much of it! Let us help you sort through all of it, keeping you on time, and above-the-line.

Distribution Marketing Post-Production Post Production Movie Premiere Indie Independent Filmmaking Film Support Assistance Help Miracle Makers Productions Consulting Services

Distribution, Marketing, Post-Production, & Premiere

We're here to guide you through the post-production process, with recommendations for every need. The distribution process can be overwhelming. We're ready to support you in securing the best possible deals for your finalized project! Want to throw an incredible red-carpet premiere that your audience will never forget? We've got people for that, too.

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